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Review: Deck Building Service

The surface of my 30-year-old pool--side deck needed to be replaced. Previously, minor repairs had been done to the deck, but now it was time for a thorough review and repair. Pierce and I contracted to replace the surface, but the need for additional work on the substructure and railing was to be evaluated once the old surface had been removed. The deck's foundation beams were found to be sound (picture 1), but a grid-like layer between the foundation beams and the surface layer would need extensive repairs, so we decided to replace it entirely (picture 2), The railing itself needed some repairs but, more importantly, vertical posts were added to stabilizie it.

Richard Pierce and his crew were good to work with. I am completely satisfied with the result. Not only does the deck look better than ever (picture 3), I am confident that it safe and sound for enjoyment by my family and friends. The cost was reasonable.

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